How to Structure your

Baking Business

Burnt-out, confused, tired, frustrated and demotivated about your Baking Business or you are still doing so much by yourself and need clarity to take the next right step? Then this class is just what you need.

This boils down to only one thing.

Lack of proper Internal Structure

Join me in this course and I will show you just how to overcome these challenges.

    • Hiring and onboarding Bakery staff,  {The correct way to attract & retain passionate Cake makers like you as well as the administrative staff required .
    • Business set up for a registered Bakery Business: Step-by-step breakdown including Registration, Tax, Food handling, Safety & hygiene
    • Developing & pricing your products profitably
    • Accounting, Budgeting & Cash handling 
    • Bakery Structure principles to set your bakery on automation so that it does not dependent on you to function all the time 
    • Operations, who does what and how it should be done. Setting up your Organogram
    • Build a Cake Business that will attract and retain the kind of customers your desire.
    • B2B, becoming a vendor in the Retail space {eg supplying  supermarkets}
    • Plus 2 Free “after class” accountability sessions to guide you as you go.

Feedback from Bakery owners

Thanks to this opportunity, I now supply over 8 stores of the biggest Departmental stores in the East... Market Square! My staff are better coordinated, I can't believe how much we have completely change as a business! This class is a "Game Changer" hands down.
Kemi Adesanya
Owner, Kreamy Tees Cakes & Confectionary
This was surely worth it and one that has given meaning to my Brand and the rebirth I desperately sought for. Your committment, dedication and passion to seeing us grow and reflect what we are truly meant to be is deeply appreciated. God bless you!
Oluchi Imoh
Owner, @ibakecakesignatures
I have gained invaluable insight into the importance of structure in a Cake Business. It's the difference between an expensive hobby & a profitable and well regarded business. Thank you for this course.
Temi Oke
Owner, Flavourbitescakes
My encounter with Caking all the Way has provided valuable information that has taken my business notches higher. The support and mentoring has changed my mentality as a Bakery Business owner and made me see the abilities I now use to impact my business positively. Thank you Lolade...the Boss...checking on my progress and encouraging me all the way.
Lanre Olajide
Owner, Cherrytreat Cakes

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