How to make Bake a Rich fruit cake

The Best Rich Fruit Cake Recipe

Watch this Free video and learn how to prepare and bake the best Traditional fruit cake! Guarantee .

With hundreds of recipes available everywhere, it’s very easy to get confused.

Here is our no-fail Fruit cake recipe & procedures.

What really makes a great baked fruit cake, how do you bake your cake and what are the best practices to achieving great tasting fruit cakes that will last?

We have used this recipe for years at the Dainty Affairs Bakery and we are absolutely sure you will love it as much as we do.

To download complete PDF file recipe, instructions as well as guidelines we have carefully put together containing the specific products, processes, steps for proper storage etc. Appropriate oven temperature and how to bake your fruit cakes properly.

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Get ready! it’s totally Moist and flavorful.

Happy Caking.

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  1. Good evening ma. Please I will like to find out why corn flour was added.
    Must I soak it with chivita orange juice?
    What is the essence of the glazing and for cake you are covering with fondant, would you still cover immediately after glazing for a day since it will still be hot.
    Thank you ma

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