How to make and cover a Cake in Fondant

Want to know how to make Fondant and cover a Cake properly with it? Then this course is for you.

Here we will show you how to

  • Make your own fondant from scratch and use it to decorate your cake. {Recipe included}
  • How to store and revive hard fondant
  • How to prevent your fondant from cracking
  • Stack and build in your cake layers
  • Proper cake placement and creating a sturdy support for your Cake
  • How to make and use scrapple correctly and how this helps give your Cake the proper structure that is required to give your fondant the perfect finish all the time.

Get the proper skill set, know the best practices for how to make and cover your Cake in fondant as well as become alot more confident in getting your cakes looking a lot more neat and pristine.

Happy Caking!


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Estimated Time: Step by step tutorial

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Lolade Ogunjimi Lolade Ogunjimi Author

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