Feeling overwhelmed or burned out by your Cake Business?

Let’s take you from overwhelmed to organized and thriving with our fully  customizable resources and templates specifically for your Cake Business. From professional E-mail responses to templates to Manuals and Standard operating procedures for your day to day running.

Invest in the growth of ...

As your Cake business grows, you will need to employ people to work with you, your business goes into a whole new phase and people dynamics is the most important dimension of any organization. To simplify this process for you, We have created the following Templates, manuals and instructions. Click on each Topic to read more and understand clearly.

Email Responses

Respond to inquiries in a professional way. Friendly, firm, clear responses for 1st time inquiries, follow up and marketing emails that will boost your sales.


Cake Biz Templates

Contains the Customer Order form "A quick guide for booking orders professionally with confidence, Delivery form template and In-house Cash Policy.


Structure Operation Manuals

Standard of Operations has step by step instructions to help your staff carry out their routine operations. Get efficiency & uniformity of performance.


Staff Human Resources Forms

This file contains templates for your Employment letter, Induction programme, Staff Profile form, Leave Application form etc.


Did you know?

As your Cake Business grows and takes additional resources or staff, everything you do from how the phone is answered to staff coordination, products are made and how customer is serviced should be outlined in detail. This makes it possible to hand over part of the business to someone else and still…