how to boost productivity in a Bakery Business

How to Boost Productivity in your Cake Business

Here are my top 5 tips on how to drastically boost productivity in your cake business.

I posted this on our @cakingalltheway page on Instagram and it got a whole lot of attention and so I decided to blog about it.

Here are my 5 top things to do

1.Mind set shift!

Why you may ask? The state of the mind of a creative directly impacts the work he/she will do.
At the @daintyaffairs bakery, I realize the more I am mentally ready for work, the more present I am in that moment, the more thoughtful I am towards the task.

This gives room for fantastic execution.

2.Prepare before hand

As with anything, planning ahead is important. If your Bakery is not built to accept same day or immediate orders, please do not accept a last minute order. You literally have to stop all you are doing and quickly attend to a customer who is ready to call you every other minute to ask if their order is completely that’s pressure you don’t need.

Take time to plan your tasks way before hand and let your customers know how you operate to help you serve them better.

This way you have set aside your ingredients and materials for the project on time and also have enough time to make the design elements for your project way before hand.
This works wonders.

Work is less stressful and you can finish execution on time.

3.Invest in time savers: tools and equipments that will make your work easier and faster to execute.
From Baking to decorating, we all know that there is always a better and simpler way to get the job done and still arrive at a perfect result.
4.Training: Training for you and your staff to work effectively and efficiently is key.

Every single member of your team,  every department should be able to work expertly in their various roles. You can’t beat the value expert hands bring overall to the task.

5.Rest or suffer burnt-out, it’s as simple as that.
Let’s face it the hustle, bustle and grind of a Bakery is not for the faint hearted. You can easily get carried away by this flow and totally loose your self in all of process. You have to consciously set time aside to rest, both you and your team members.
Note the word consciously!

So what do you think, which of these tips really resonated with you?

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