Sales slump in Cake business

How to deal with Sales Slump

One minute you are really getting enquiries, closing Sales and churning out Orders and the next minute, it all trickles down. No enquiries, no calls, DM’s or emails….it just Stops.

And you wonder, what in the world is happening?

You have just hit what is referred to as a Sales Slump in Business. Fret not my dear, we all, at one time or the other experience these periods of slow sales, low sales and no sales and though you may feel you have hit rock bottom as feelings of sadness, worry and discouragement overwhelm you, the good news is it does not last forever and if you can push through, you might well be on your way to making amazing Sales again.  Your attitude and what you do during this period is what makes the difference.

Here are some few positive things to do when you experience a Sales Slump.

1. Do not wait for it to end.
Right, it is supposed to come, stay for long and then go. Wrong! Do not wait for it to pass because it might even stay for a longer period than you expect. Keep putting efforts into making Sales such as Creating Awareness, getting in front of Clients where they meet and hangout online and offline, trying out New Sales and Marketing methods. Just keep at it, the More you do, the shorter it is for the Sales Slump to last. Just keep at it.

2. Keep Positive.
You need to have the right mindset and keep focused. Do what it takes for your Mind to be and think Positive. You could read Sales articles, revisit old Sales conversations to see how you were able to close the Sales, what was the winning factor?

3. Be Inspired and Motivate yourself.
While you seek to keep your Spirits high, avoid high-level distracting platform that make you feel unhappy. Engage in learning new Skills, reading, practicing, updating your Knowledge and keeping abreast of trends.

4. Analyze your Process.
You might need to check your Business processes from Beginning to end and figure out at what point you might be missing it. You cannot fix it except you know it and you cannot know it except you check it. So, try and figure out where you might be missing it.

5. Seek for Help.
Chances are that someone else has gone through what you are going through. Most often, this is the case, so reach for help, talk to a friend, a Senior colleague or Professional, your Teachers, among all these people, there might be someone who can share tips on how they coped with theirs and it sure goes a Long way to help.

So, when next you Experience a Sales Slump, now you know just what Actions to take.

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