How to Promote your Cake Business

I find that most Home bakers or bakery start-ups  are very intimidated by what it entails for them to actually promote their bakery business.

It is important to note that only planned promotions and events can spread positive word of mouth and help you create a befitting image for your bakery that is both corporate and engaging.

Let me share with you some amazing tips I learnt in the very early stages of marketing Dainty Affairs Bakery.

You can Promote your Cake business in a lot of ways : Building a Website that showcases your work, blogging, E-mail marketing, setting up Pop-up shops, showcasing your products at events or even partnering with bigger stores to name a few.

Which ever one you choose, consider a wide array of possibilities that speak to your target audience as well as the local and regional community.

1. Location.

Like any thing else, you need a location to bring your audience/clients to. Whether it’s online or a physical location. You ultimately want to transact your business somewhere.

Once you have decided what you want to sell, where you want to sell the products comes next and the most effective way of get the right people come to you i.e. your audience, your ideal client.

2. Advertise.

With social media, it’s very easy post one thing and have an amazing amount of crowd see it. Never underestimate the power of showcasing your products in a befitting and catchy way. Designing e-flyers with very clean, catchy and crisp images of your edible creations, use short bold messages that go straight to the point. Add your address, time and contact phone number{s} written in bold fonts.

What is most important is that the flyer or message you have put out should lead the people back to you easily. i.e. Website, contact phone number or address.

Check out these 2 sample flyers below. Same information but different formats.

One of them will most definitely catch your attention than the other.

This really should be the aim of any advertisement. It should CAPTURE and COVERT  your ideal customer with the CONTENT you have put out on a constant basis.

These are  called the 3 C’s of a creative business.

3.  Execution: This will refer to the actual day(s) your clients will actually come in contact with you and your business. Yes guys, notice my choice of words: You and your Business.

Check out this infographic below. It’s our quick Bakery Marketing guideline at Dainty Affairs bakery and it works great all the time.

Bakery Market tips


Download your Free pdf file >>Bakery Market tips<<

Don’t forget that promoting a business is a major determining factor in staying relevant and most of all running a successful business! Be proud of your art, show it off shamelessly and the world find you.

Happy Caking guys. Till my next post, stay sweet.

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