Cake Business Mentorship Programme

Having a mentor in the Cake Industry who, knows exactly what you are going through and can give practical solutions and guidance in whatever area your concern is.
Lolade Ogunjimi
Founder & CD of Dainty Affairs Bakery



My Bakery now services over 10 Retail stores....

We had just partnered with one of the biggest Departmental Stores in Port Harcourt “Market Square Departmental Store” I realized I wasn’t even prepared as I had no clue as to how to manage my bakery daily operation and understanding what we actually wanted to be known as, and also what to target in my line of business…
Kemisola Adesanya, KreamyTees Cakes & Conf. Nig
Port harcourt, Uyo, Owerri & Cinema 21 Aba
Oluchi Imoh of IbakeCake Signatures, UK

I Felt stuck in a rut

On the outside, all seemed well but inside?… I was battling discomfort and a deep sense of dissatisfaction knowing that there was more to me and my brand…

It was months of soul searching, birthing a new identity and I am delighted to say it has been one transforming experience, worth the journey….



I can boldly say it's one of the best decisions I have ever made

The Dainty Affairs Brand is one you can’t help but fall in love with. I liked to sneak up on their page on IG  just to see the lasted things being churned out. 

The co-ordination was top notch, each time I went through that page, I knew I could do more with my own brand…

Omolade Stephens TashyTouch Cakes, Abuja
Efe Aghahowa, Makarios cakes, Asaba

I could not keep up with the pressure

I slowly watched a hobby grow into a business/career path but a baker with no effective knowledge on how to manage a Cake business and having a 8-5 day job didn’t make it easier…

Our 4 months mentorship programme module

Programme Outline

It all starts with you!

See, before you can change anything, you must go to the root. We take you on a journey of self discovery with our highly recommended tools. You will be amazed at what you will discover.

Your Goldmine

Now It's time to show you how to make Money with all your skills and expertise you have just become aware of, How?, In this module, we dive deep into your "wealth well" as a Cake Business owner. Teaching you practical tools and resources you require in order to perform excellently.

Cake Business Structure & Mgt.

In this module, we teach you how to build an effective and sustainable Structure for your Cake Business, whether you work by yourself or have a team: no matter the size. This intentive session changes everything completely. Sets you up for immense growth and respect from your family, friends, staff and customers. By the end of this module, you will know how to automate your operations.


Branding directly impacts how everyone around you sees your business. This in turn determines the level of respect they will accord to YOU and your Cake business. Getting the right brand is easy with the steps I will show you. Your mind will open up to rebrand or redefine your brand as a whole.

Scaling up Operations

If you were never thinking along this line, THINK AGAIN! Developing & Creating bakery products for the Mass market is important if you want to SCALE UP. Sort Barcodes, get them NAFDAC approved and certified, we will link you up with all the information and processes required in this session.

Pricing & Product Development

This Module is a game changer, who says you can't attract the right clients and charge what you are worth, There is just a way to go about it and I will show you how in this module. Want to know how to price your products properly? We have a template you will use as a standard.

Money Matters

Here, everything you need to know about not just making money ,but all that comes with it. You will understand clearly the various terminologies:like Revenue, Net & Gross profit, how to calculate your Hourly rate, pay staff, budgeting, saving, investment , different type of taxes, all the works!

Niche Marketing

If there is a topic I have been asked to talk about the most in recent times, It's got to be this. "How did you carve out such a dynamic Niche for your Cake Business in such a saturated space" This Module will expose you to these and more.

Cake Photos & Videos

Here I will teach you how to take stunning pictures & videos with your smart phone no matter the Baking project: Tray bakes, {Cookies/Brownies/Pastries}, ingredients and then, actual finished cake projects at any time of the day. I will also be showing you how to set up the perfect photography area in your space and get the proper light source to take stunning pictures.

Social Media Marketing & Sales

This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing REALLY entails, set SMART goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is and how to reach and engage them correctly. Here you'll have a blueprint for formulating your marketing goals in a way that sets you up for success and incredible sales

This is strictly a Group Online Course. You will notice the participants we featured above all reside in different geographic locations.

We have mastered effective communication in this space and guarantee you will feel special with the training techniques, follow ups and bootcamp style engagement.

Mediums used are WhatsApp Private group, Zoom Calls for Class presentations, Calls and Messages directly with Lolade Ogunjimi

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4 Months Mentorship Programme that works!

Batch A

Starts on 21st January 2023

  • -Resgistration is now closed from Batch A

{BATCH B.} Starts on 18th March 2023 / ₦500,000

For Early-bird discount till 31st of Jan. 2023.

Pay ₦385,000
  • - Private group Access
  • -Hand holding & Guidance Sessions
  • Closed Group Activities
  • -Private sessions with Lolade Ogunjimi
  • -Continuous assessment for up to 6months
STOP wasting your time, CHANGE is on this side.

{Batch C}. 1 week Coaching Call ₦85,000

Can't commit to the 4 months Mentorship Programme yet, but need 1 week Coaching programme with me? From the 21st of Feb to 27th of Feb 2023.

Pay ₦50,000 Early Bird offer
  • -Online Group Coaching
  • -Daily Task/ duties to help you organise your bakery
  • --Daily Tips and tasks to guide your activities to get more sales
  • -Group Assessment
  • -We finish up with an Online Cake Party!

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