What to do when your customer is not satisfied

What to do when your customer is not satisfied with your service

Oh gosh! the dreaded dissatisfied call from an angry customer! we all hate it don’t we. but let’s face it no one is completely error proof. Remember there is a thin line between Conflict and Resolution and what you do will either make things better or worse.

So first of all, what are the factors that make your customer dissatisfied with your services?

Poor Customer care

Here, the customer has been attended to really poorly over the phone, in person or probably your response to their email have come across rude.

Poor service delivery

Poor service here will refer to a negative feedback about the product, cake or baked treat delivered. Maybe the cake design was not what the customer actually wanted or the cake did not taste good or probably the delivery service got to customer really late.

Completely Insatiable customer

Have you had a customer who is so ready for a fight and nothing you do will satisfy them but for some reason, they always come back to you over and over again to make their cakes only to always give the same negative review? Ok, you are not alone on this one so don’t worry, you are totally normal.

Resolution tips

Understand that we all have an invisible sign written on us that reads “Make me feel important

Having this in mind as a business owner really does help. Be friendly yet professional and firm. Remain calm and do not take it personally.

Whatever the complaint may be, to quickly have it resolved you want to apologize to the customer that he/she feels this way.” Oh Miss Lola I apologize we have made you feel this way” or “we are so sorry we have not met your expectation” this helps to quickly disarm the client. Trying to prove more points at 1st will only escalate tension. If there is need to apologize more than once, please by all means do so.


Allow the customer to completely speak without any interruption, listen carefully to what they have to say and quickly proffer a tangible solution.

For Poor Customer service: We promise to do better next time, we will retrain our staff on proper customer care, etc

 For Poor service delivery: Offer to have the order redone completely free again. This may seem like a tough decision to make but trust me, it works wonders. You may feel cheated sometimes depending on the scenario but in the long run actions like these make the customer respect you and your business even more and they will tell others about this which in turn is a good thing for you.

If the issue was late delivery and can still be redeemed, i.e. the cake can still get there before the celebration is over. Let the customer know exactly what has caused the delay and what arrangement has been put in place for the cake to reach them.

For a Completely insatiable customer: They love your work but you might have done something they have not been able to completely get out of their minds. If you feel you cannot take their constant negative feedback anymore, let them know you will not be able to continue the business relationship with them any longer, appreciate their custom over the years and move on. Your peace is important but make sure this is the last resort.


In all, business is really about relationships. Great communication skills, customer care and emotional intelligence is key. Note however that no matter the issue the customer has complained about, it will do you much good to reflect and see how to not allow the same issue reoccur. Put systems and processes in place in-house that will allow your work execution be as professional and hitch free as possible. By this we mean having a Standard of Operation or SOP across board for you and all your team members. It works wonders!

Here are a few drawn from our own experience, I will like to hear the issues you have had in the past and how did you resolve them, do share with us below.


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