Festive Fruit Cake Baking Masterclass (2 Days)


In this 2 days Hands-on class, you will learn how to make the best Fruit Cake recipe ever! You can take the 1(one) day class option.
Moist, flavourful and rich. It took us over 15 years to perfect the recipe and it was well worth it.
Our Festive fruit Fruit Cake has an exceptional shelf life—up to 6 -8 months at room temperature and a remarkable year when stored appropriately.
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Our Fruit Cake Recipe is NAFDAC APPROVED!

All tools and ingredients will be provided in this class.

Course Highlights:

  • Master the art of crafting a moist and flavourful Festive Fruit Cake.
  • Create a unique flavor and texture profile for an already incredible fruit cake.
  • Discover other variations of fruit cakes you can also make.
  • We will teach you what to use to extend the shelf-life of your fruit cakes.
  • Presentation, Packaging and Pricing.
  • We can guarantee that you haven’t tasted a Fruit cake like this before.
  • Gain hands-on experience with baking this cake professionally.
  • Don’t waste your time on YouTube looking for recipes. This course is a game changer.
  • Baked fruit cakes will be yours.
  • All ingredients and tools will be provided

Class Dates 23rd-24thNovember 2023

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Venue: Dainty Affairs Bakery Studio, Omole Phase 2. Ikeja. Click HERE to view Venue

“NOTE” This two days class comes highly recommended but, if you are looking to just  upgrade your recipe and processes you can take the 1(one) day class option.

Read more details of the Course outline below


Course Outline:

Day 1: Crafting the Perfect Base

Session 1: Introduction to Rum Fruit Cake

  • Explore the history and significance of Citrus Rum Fruit Cake.
  • Understand the appeal of a cake with a prolonged shelf life.
  • Overview of the course structure and learning objectives.

Session 2: Ingredients Selection

  • Discover the key components that make this cake extraordinary.
  • Source and choose the finest citrus fruits, nuts, and spices.
  • Recognize how ingredient quality influences shelf life.

Session 3: Mixing and Baking

  • Hands-on experience with mixing and preparing the fruit mixture.
  • Understand the art of maceration and marination.
  • Learn baking techniques to achieve a moist and rich cake base.

Day 2: Extending Shelf Life and Presentation

Session 5: Maximizing Shelf Life

  • Delve into the science of freshness preservation.
  • Learn proper cooling and storage techniques.
  • Extend shelf life through freezing and thawing while preserving flavor.

Session 6: Presentation, Packaging & Pricing

  • Discover how to present your Citrus Rum Fruit Cake beautifully.
  • Explore various packaging options for gifting and long-term storage.
  • Customise labels and tags for a personal touch and impressive presentation.
  • Get the right price point for your Rich Fruit cake

Session 7: Course Recap and Q&A

  • Summarize key takeaways from the masterclass.
  • Address any queries or concerns.
  • Receive a certificate of completion and a cherished recipe to enjoy.

By the end of this 2-day Citrus Rum Fruit Cake Baking Masterclass, you’ll possess the expertise to create a delectable cake with exceptional longevity. 

Join us to master the art of baking and preserving this timeless treat for special occasions and year-round enjoyment.

“NOTE” This two days class comes highly recommended but, if you are looking to just  upgrade your recipe and processes you can take the 1(one) day class option.