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What you need to run a Smooth Operation in your Cake Business.

So you have all your amazing caking skills, bakery ingredients and tools all set and in place. Fantastic! but did you know your operations cannot function properly without the following:


Learn  basic tech skills that will make your work and smarter. By Tech I mean investing in a good laptop or desktop computer, get a really good smart phone and learn how to use these tools to make your work a lot organized and easier.

 Office Space.

As the cake business owner, guess what! you will actually be spending a lot of time behind your computer. You need a clean and uncluttered space that you can do some proper business related work that your bakery requires to be organized and successful.

From taking orders and coordinating the orders of the week, drawing out invoices and sending them out to clients, creating a portfolio, marketing your business both offline and on social media, sending out mails to clients etc

Put a bit of effort into creating a motivational office space. Create an environment you can feel inspired to create and work.


Bakery suplies, ingredients, tools and equipments, Cake boards, boxes, baking pans, the list goes on and on.

You need to consider storage for your Cleaning supplies as well: from dish washing soap, detergents for washing napkins and aprons. You need toilet tissue and  paper towels and air fresheners.

All of these supplies need to be placed in the appropriate storage solutions. Remember when arranging these supplies to separate the edibles as far off as possible from the non-edibles. Store ingredients in an entirely separate room in clear containers that have been properly labelled.

One major storage you also need to consider is getting Shelfs and racks for placing finished cakes. Save ample space and organize your kitchen and work space properly.


As your Cake Business grows and takes additional resources or staff, everything you do from how the phone is answered to staff coordination, products are made and how customer is serviced should be outlined in detail. This makes it possible to hand over part of the business to someone else and still run your operations smoothly.

People dynamics is really an important factor in running a succsessful creative business. When the time is right, you will need to recruit the right kind of people to work with you. Having a recruitment policy, standard operating procedure {SOP} and Staff manuals in place will help you achieve efficiency in this regard. These resources along with the right training helps with, uniformity of performance and reduces miscommunication .

 Health & Safety

Have you considered the arrangement of your kitchen so that it’s safe to work from very time?

Do not place your gas cylinder directly in the kitchen. This is an absolute no NO! have your “gas-man” instal the gas cylinder outdoor in a secure place and run a pipe through the wall into your kitchen.

Do not place your cookers on a wooden top, place it on a Marble top  instead. Have the local fire department place Fire extinguishers around your kitchen, sand buckets and fire jackets.

If you contact the Fire department directly, I find they are very thorough and will train you on how to use the extinguishers and even help place safety signs around your bakery.

Remember to get your First Aid box fully equipped and readily available to use when the need arises.

Have your Health and Safety rules all stated out.


A well-lit and airy bakery is a necessity. You want bright energy saving bulbs installed and big windows that allow cross ventilation.

 Pest Control

Now this is a whole topic on its own but in general, make sure your bakery is free from pests and rodents by getting professional Pest companies fumigate your store.

For annoying flies that come around your bakery, we strongly recommend the >>Quick Bayt<<  Fly bait, It works amazing and best of all, it’s food grade, very effective and has no chemical odour.


What are your plans for keeping petty cash and sales cash made during the day, I hope it’s not to put inside your purse or a drawer in your office.

What is the Cash policy for your bakery, make sure this is very clear.  Have a standard Cash policy in place for your business.

 Waste Management.

Have you figured out how you will be managing the waste of the day, for each department of your bakery? We recommend you hire a Cleaning agency that will be solely responsible for this part of your business, believe me it’s worth it.

Let professionals handle what they are good at, so you can focus on what’s important to you. Running your cake business!


Depending on the products you offer, you’ll need in most cases more that 1 company to handle your delivery. Dispatch riders are generally less expensive but note that they cannot handle custom cake deliveries. This should be done by car.

Remember it’s not your job to deliver a finished cake to your customer. This is not a task you want to take on at all and it is totally recommended for your to let your customer know at the point of booking that delivery fee will apply.

Sales strategy

Yes!!!! we want sales and sales and more sales but there has to be a strategy. Call it goals. Success is deliberate.

To really gain the attention of your target market what plans will you put in place to effectively attract them, gain new customers and keep them coming.

There are so many other factors to consider part from these so we will have a 2nd part to this topic on a later date.

For a fuller and more comprehensive guide necessary  for a smooth bakery operation, click here >>Cake Business Page<<. It’s got all the major resources you’ll need to run your bakery business professionally and conveniently.

Happy Caking!









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