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Caking all the way

The name “Caking all the way” came so causally… We were right in the middle of Hands-on Dessert class in 2016. As we posed to take a “snap chat” picture, the student turned to ask me “okay, what do I say” and in that instant the word came to my mind.. CAKING ALL THE WAY.

Caking all the way best describes just how much we love Cake Art. This platform was created to inspire and help most especially Home-Based bakers who need the support and push that will help then gain the clarity and confidence that will help them run their businesses smoothly whether through cake training, mentoring & Coaching or Cake Business sessions.



Feedback & Reviews

Training with with Lady Dainty is simply an awesome experience, nothing is held back and she genuinely wants to see you grow.

“It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The perfect spring board for my career “

Bolade Soyege

“After “ordering a pack of  Dainty Affairs Gourmet cupcakes on one of my trips to Lagos, I was totally pleased with how intense the taste and presentation was I had to register for one of their class to learn how to make them for my family.


” She awoke my love for baking in a special way, I absolutely love her style of teaching  “

Daisy's Pantry

My story.

I’m a cake maker, cake artist and cake designer, just like you.  About 10 years ago,  after working with Virgin Atlantic Airways for 5 years,  I quit my job at the Corporate department to start my own creative business. I opened a Makeup and Bakery business called Dainty Affairs Beauty and Bakery. Shortly after that I got married to the love of my life, and we started a family almost immediately, but then, I began to struggle. It was a challenge balancing being a wife, a mum and a Business owner. My Cake and Beauty business grew so much but I did not grow. My passion for making perfect cakes along with creating clean-classy makeup looks caught the attention of the world but I was just too overwhelmed and I struggled so hard to keep it going. Then sometime in 2016, something happened to me…

Lady Dainty. Lolade Ogunjimi

Book a session with Lolade Ogunjimi

Limited spaced available per Month
Once all spots are filled, you’ll have to wait a month before we can start your programme. Booking is on a 1st pay, 1st book basis


This an Intensive One-to one Consultation and Mentorship Programme with me and my expert team of Cake Business consultants. We will help troubleshoot issues in your bakery and create your Home baking Business structure, we will show you how get the perfect Brand for your Bakery. We will also help with your Food Styling development for your Cake Photography and for your Bakery resources, Ingredient & Equipment sourcing within Nigeria, Bakery Website content and development, Costing & Pricing, Recipe, Troubleshooting and Bakery Intervention. 

Meetings or demonstrations are held either at the

  • Clients Bakery/Home
  • Dainty Affairs Bakery
  • Over Lunch in a Relaxed Environment


Need advice on a Cake project you are not sure about? How to grow or troubleshoot issues in your bakery; Maximizing revenue, brainstorming or increasing efficiency? Our Knowledge extends into these areas: Home baking Business, Bakery Brand Structure & development, Food Styling & Photography, Ingredient & Equipment sourcing within Nigeria, Bakery Website content and development, Costing & Pricing, Recipe, Troubleshooting and Bakery Intervention. 

Meetings or demonstration are held either via 

  • Whats-app Calls
  • Facebook Private Chat
  • Skype or Facetime