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Having learnt baking from my mum, it developed for me into a hobby; hence I had no idea about the baking business, I was just a baker earning “change” from her hobby.

Fast forward to years later, I slowly watched a hobby grow into a business/ career but with a baker with no effective knowledge on how to manage a cake business. Having an 8-5 job dint make it any easier. Cake orders kept coming, demands from my job dint become lighter either. Pressure mounted and I couldn’t keep up with managing both professions so I decided to opt out from my job; but I dint want to fall back to a hobby but a business. I needed to learn and be mentored to grow an admirable cake business.

Strolling through the streets of instagram, I came across a mentorship class opening by a dainty and polished baker I so much admire @daintyaffairsbakery Also known as the techy baker, I loved how she had carved a niche for herself in the industry, I loved how she was particular and intentional about her cake business and how professional she has done this and consistently over the years. I dint second guess before signing up.

The first phone call got me super excited; like “I am on the phone with @daintyaffairs !!!. A session that was scheduled for a two-month duration, went beyond the scheduled time all in a bid to make sure my course mates and I were strong enough to stand on our own. What other way to show love!! Her teachings exposed me to a whole lot, not just about the cake business but also my personality. She teaches with so much passion and ingenuity. I have learnt my strengths and weakness. I have learnt the nitty gritties about the cake business, I have learnt how to stand out in the industry. I have started implementing a lot of the lessons I learnt and still on that path.

I must say I have no tinge of regret taking this mentorship class. It has impacted a whole lot and I must say I got more than the worth of the class. Thank you Lady Dainty, I promise to put to use every ounce of knowledge I have received from you.

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