My Bakery Now Services Over 10 Retail Stores.

Port harcourt, Uyo, Owerri & Cinema 21 Aba
Kemisola Adesanya, KreamyTees Cakes & Conf. Nig

We had just partnered with one of the biggest Departmental Stores in Port Harcourt “Market Square Departmental Store” I realized I wasn’t even prepared as I had no clue as to how to manage my bakery daily operation and understanding what we actually wanted to be known as, and also what to target in my line of business

I Felt Stuck in A Rut

IbakeCake Signatures, UK
Oluchi Imoh, IbakeCake Signatures

On the outside, all seemed well but inside?… I was battling discomfort and a deep sense of dissatisfaction knowing that there was more to me and my brand…

It was months of soul searching, birthing a new identity and I am delighted to say it has been one transforming experience, worth the journey….

I Can Boldly Say It's One of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

TashyTouch Cakes, Abuja
Omolade Stephens, TashyTouch Cake

The Dainty Affairs Brand is one you can’t help but fall in love with. I liked to sneak up on their page on IG just to see the lasted things being churned out.

The co-ordination was top notch, each time I went through that page, I knew I could do more with my own brand…

I Could Not Keep up With the Pressure

Makarios cakes, Asaba
Efe Aghahowa, Makarios Cakes

I slowly watched a hobby grow into a business/career path but a baker with no effective knowledge on how to manage a Cake business and having a 8-5 day job didn’t make it easier…