Kemi Adesanya

Kreamy Tees Cakes & Confectionary
Port harcourt, Uyo, Owerri & Cinema 21 Aba

I had grown my cake business to the point where I needed to give my brand a whole new identity.
We had just partnered with one of the biggest Departmental Stores in Porthacourt “Market Square” and I realized I wasn’t even prepared. I had no clue as to how to manage my bakery daily operation and understanding what we actually wanted to be known as, and also what to target in my line of business.

At this point, I looked out for solutions.
I had known and admired the @daintyaffairs brand for a very long time coming, known for it’s uniqueness and impeccable style of operation, I took no chances when the Dainty Affair mentorship programme was posted.

This mentorship has been an invaluable gift over the past couple of months. Lady Dainty as we fondly call her, took me by the hand, She opened my eyes to a whole new level of opportunity and strength.

Thanks to this mentorship, I was able work out a strong partnership with the market square supermarket which I represent and also moving my brand & Cake Business to places I never imagined.

I have been able to work on my bakery structure and operations. Also our online appearance was not left out , for me it was a total reconstruction and newness.

Lolade, your leadership and examples in this mentorship has helped me to grow into my potential.

Your teaching skills is next to none yet still maintaining strong business ethics.

Thank you for sharing from your wealth of knowledge, the impact is indeed a game changer.

I must also mention the journey to the Kreamytees new Logo. It was a whole new stage & weeks of soul searching and prayers I must say.

Lady Dainty made sure she broke down all it entails down to the last detail infact the designer we hired was almost frustrated but she made sure we got it right down to the last detail.

Now when I see our Logo and new identity, I appreciate it more because it is true to who we are now…My Business and I have been transformed.

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